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Multitran dictionary has a 15-year history. It began as an Academy of Sciences project in the 80s, suffered near collapse in the early 90s, slowly revitalized by 2000 and finally made a miraclous comeback when was registered on April 1, 2001 The site currently serves 15.000 users and over 300.000 requests per day.

Multitran currently supports Windows, Web, Wap and Pocket PC. Move to Linux platform was predictable for Multitran due to the free status of its online version. Nearly thousand users contribute new terms to the dictionary. Now the source code of the project is open for the Linux community. Linux version is located here.

Multitran automatic dictionary offers English-Russian and Russian-English alphabetic, morphologic a
nd phrase searches. Multitran automaticaly recognizes words in all forms, current version includes over 1.000.000 articles for English-Russian-English dictionary.

Project consists of library (libmt), different frontends  and dictionary database itself.
Library core engine (in order to build):
All core libraries are ready both for Unix and Win32 platforms. You can download latest version here.
You can download latest version here.
See screenshot here. You can download latest version here.

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